Meet Our Team

Our staff runs the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Head of the Church and that every local church has the obligation to seek and appoint godly male pastors/elders, who lead the local church, relying on God’s wisdom and daily guidance.

At every level, we make decisions by seeking guidance and wisdom from Jesus, who ultimately directs our vision “to help people trust and follow him.” Jesus is our Supreme Authority. Under his leadership, we serve his church together.

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Bobby Harrington
  • Lead Pastor
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Doug Robertson
  • Executive Minister
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Geary Tanner
  • Business Administrator
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J.P. Robinson
  • Disciple Making Minister
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Jay Austin
  • Family Discipleship Minister
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Michelle Eagle
  • Discipleship and Women's Minister
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Dave Stovall
  • Worship Minister
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Kim Ford
  • Worship Arts Coordinator
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Kelli Hacker
  • Office Administrator
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Annie Chase
  • Communications & Connections
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Jeff Hinkle
  • Technical Director
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Patti Bonham
  • Bookkeeper
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Collin Mathies
  • Student Minister
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Caitlyn Rozenboom
  • Associate Student Minister
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Shannon Carpino, M.Ed.
  • Director of Renew Christian Academy
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Kelli Miller
  • Children's Ministry Administrator
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Megan LeGrand
  • Children's Curriculum Coordinator