Women’s Ministry

Run With The Horse by Eugene Peterson
We will be diving into Run With The Horses by Eugene Peterson. Recently this book has been very impactful on me as well as several women that I am in relationship with. It is about the life and work of Jeremiah. This will only be a
6 week study that will take us to the middle of November.
We will use the study guide in the back of the book for our questions and Eugene Peterson has broken it down in
the following way:
Wk 1   10/14   chapters 1-4
Wk 2   10/23   chapter 5
Wk 3   10/30   chapters 6-7
Wk 4   11/4     chapter 8
Wk 5   11/11   chapters 9-11
Wk 6   11/18   chapters 13-16
Michelle Eagle
Morning Options:
-in person book study
Evening Options:
-Zoom book study
-in person book study

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Hope to see you there!