Renew Christian Academy

In today’s culture, so many different versions of the truth are coming at us. At the push of a button, we are connected to literally thousands of opinions and so-called experts telling us how we should feel, think, wear, vote or even pray. As a parent, it can be challenging to raise God-honoring children to see the Bible as the spoken word of God and the foundation of truth in a world that is constantly trying to undermine biblical faith.

But, there’s hope! Renew Christian Academy, a 6th-12th grade college-prep homeschool tutorial, is a place where students can learn to trust and follow Jesus through excellence in academics and discipleship. At Renew Christian Academy, we understand the importance of students being aware of what’s happening in the world around us, while at the same time, learning about these topics through a biblical worldview by highly qualified instructors.

We are very excited to have Shannon Carpino, M.Ed. as the Director of Renew Christian Academy.  She comes with extensive experience as a teacher, author and speaker.  Read more about Shannon Carpino now.

We invite you to watch a video with Bobby Harrington, Lead Pastor, Doug Robertson, Executive Minister and Shannon Carpino, Director of Renew Christian Academy.

The video will answer questions like:

  • What is Renew Christian Academy?
  • What is a college-prep tutorial?
  • How much support do I have?
  • What does discipleship look like at Renew Christian Academy?
  • How much does it cost?
  • And more…Help us get the word out about Renew Christian Academy and share this page with your friends.  Shannon would love to connect with you and chat if you have any questions.

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