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Are we in the end times? Learn all about the answer as you delve into the Book of Revelation and other “end times” texts in the Bible. Join Chad Harrington in a transformative 6-week journey and discover the profound mysteries and messages embedded in this apocalyptic text that have bewildered and inspired believers for centuries.In this class, Chad will guide you through key symbolic and often misunderstood passages of Revelation, offering clarity and insight. You'll explore the unique literary style of apocalyptic literature, understand the historical context, and uncover the deeper spiritual truths relevant to your life today.What this class offers:- An understanding of key texts in the Bible about the end times- Insights into apocalyptic literature and its significance- Background into the author and original context of Revelation- Exploration of key themes like prophecy, eschatology, and divine judgment- Practical applications for contemporary faith and discipleshipWhether you join in-person or stream online, this class promises to be an eye-opening experience, deepening your understanding and strengthening your faith.Join in-person or watch online (live or later) when you register below.